13 investment tips for 2013

13 investment tips for 2013
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By Subhash Lakhotia, Tax Guru : CNBC Awaaz, Tax & Investment Consultant

Let us all welcome the year 2013 with varied ideas to bring home tax planning for you and your family and also take you through Investment Strategies for investing your money.  The following thirteen important Investment Tips for the year 2013 will surely help you to achieve your desired results :-

1. Income-tax file for one and all:

In whose name to make the investment yes, this should be the first point in the back of your mind before planning investment strategies for 2013,  it is time now for every tax payer of the country to make a resolution to have a separate independent Income-tax File for every member in the family.  The objective of this is to achieve tax planning and cut down on your income-tax payments.  Firstly think of your wife and if she does not have till now a separate independent Income-tax File, then start of having such independent Income-tax File for your wife.  The concept of gift and loans in the name of your wife will help you to achieve this.  However, do remember that your wife can receive gift from any relative other than her husband, her father in law and her mother in law.  However, wife is free to tak…………… continues on Moneycontrol.com

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