3 Impact Investing Tips for Bill Gates Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge …

3 Impact Investing Tips for Bill Gates Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge …
News from PolicyMic:

3 Impact Investing Tips for Bill Gates Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge Billionaires

This piece was co-authored with Nikhil Dandavati.

At a recent conference in Santa Barbara, the billionaire members of Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge discussed impact investing as a particularly promising approach to putting their considerable wealth into service in a way that would both do good and make money. 

Many have made such investments before: the Skoll Foundation has funded industry leaders such as Root Capital and Acumen Fund; the Omidiyar Network has invested in groups such as Mango Money and Tree House. Though impact investing is a new, growing space, investors seeking social impact in addition to financial return will find organizations working to invest in enterprises in ever-more creative ways. 

Here we highlight three types of innovation that can serve as models and entry points for newcomers looking to deploy capital:

1) Village Capital, the brainchild of Bob Pattillo and Ross Baird, is one of those innovative models. Investors pre-commit investment dollars to entrepreneur cohorts going through a peer-driven incubation process and then allow the entrepreneurs to select the enterprises to receive investment. Instead of creati…………… continues on PolicyMic

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Investment tips from small cap expert Gervais Williams
News from FE Trustnet:

FE Trustnet users, financial advisers and even fund managers were among those who posed questions for Gervais Williams (pictured) in our first live Twitter interview earlier this week.

Here are some of the highlights:

Given your long and successful association with growth stocks, why have you chosen to manage an income trust? 

GW: During the credit boom I felt I could make the best returns for my clients through investing in growth stocks. Over this period almost everything went up – equities of course, but also bonds, property, commodities, etc. This era is now over and I see new trends developing. Now I prefer companies with sizable cashflow that compound good and growing dividends over time. These stocks not only produce the best returns over the long-term but also do so with less price volatility. 

If you could only invest in one stock at this present time, what would it be and why?

GW: I think right now it would be Fairpoint. It’s a tiny stock with great upside potential and is in the growth area of rescheduling loans for over-indebted individuals through IVAs or rescheduling repayments. It is really undervalued at the moment, running on a PE of 5x with a…………… continues on FE Trustnet

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