3 Top Dogs Of The Dow

3 Top Dogs Of The Dow
News from Seeking Alpha:

Dogs of the Dow is an investment strategy popularized by Michael O’Higgins. The strategy is to buy 10 stocks of the Dow Jones with the highest dividend yield and lowest price to earnings ratio at the beginning of the year or any trading period and to hold these stocks for a year. After this period, the investor should sell stocks that are no longer Dogs of the Dow and buy new Dogs of the Dow.

I screened the Dow Jones Index by dogs and sorted the results by dividend yield. Here are the 3 top Dogs of the Dow:

1. AT&T (T) is acting within the domestic national telecom services industry. The company has a market capitalization of USD 172.1 billion, generates revenues in an amount of USD 125.7 billion and a net income o…………… continues on Seeking Alpha
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How much stock volatility can you handle?
News from Tucson Citizen:

Q: With the stock market rising and falling so much each day, does that mean I should change my investment strategy?

A: Investors often say they have a huge appetite for risk, until they get a heaping helping of it.

It’s common for investors to take “risk capacity” surveys in the comfort of their homes or in a financial advisor’s cozy office and claim they have the stomach for volatility. It’s easy to say on a survey you’re willing to endure the short term ups and downs of the stock market in order to get bigger long-term returns.

Suffering through swings in the market, and watching your hard earned money vanish into thin air for real, though, is not quite so easy. And that’s what many investors had to endure the past few weeks. The Dow Jones industrial average swung by a nauseating 400 points each day for four days in a row recently for the first time in the market measure’s history.

Many investors who probably claimed they could withstand volatility wer…………… continues on Tucson Citizen
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