8 Experts’ Investing Tips From Tiger 21 Conference

8 Experts’ Investing Tips From Tiger 21 Conference
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The Dow has been on a tear, but don’t relax. There’s still a lot to worry about.

That was the theme of Tiger 21’s 2013 annual conference. Members of the elite club of ultra-wealthy investors gathered to discuss investment strategies, opportunities and other wealth-related issues.

They heard from an illustrious array of financial experts. Bears outnumbered bulls. Hot-button issues sparked discussion: artificially low interest rates, the potential for inflation, unsustainable government debt and potentially disruptive situations around the world.

“There are a host of issues and considerations members focus on when shaping their portfolios, Tiger 21’s founder, Michael Sonnenfeldt, said in a statement. “Becoming much more deliberate about understanding and analyzing them is often the hidden key to preserving wealth over the long haul.”

Following are comments made by presenters during the meeting, according to Tiger 21.

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