A Blended Investment Strategy for All Markets: Tobias Moskowitz

A Blended Investment Strategy for All Markets: Tobias Moskowitz
News from BusinessWeek:
November 03, 2011, 3:41 AM EDT

By Tobias J. Moskowitz

Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) — In the current economic and financial climate, investors seem to be struggling to find a new strategy that can yield consistent positive returns.

Yet, before seeking something new, there are two proven long-term approaches that investors might want to consider: value and momentum. What’s more, when combined, these strategies produce an even more potent investment vehicle and can be applied much more broadly across asset classes.

The basic idea of value investing is to buy assets that are “cheap” — meaning that the market value or price is low relative to fundamental or intrinsic value — and sell those that are expensive. Simple measures of price-earnings ratios or price-to-book values seem to adequately capture this notion and have produced consistently positive returns, on average, for…………… continues on BusinessWeek
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£13.4m investment offers hope for autism sufferers
News from Herald Scotland:

A NEW strategy to improve the lives of people with autism will help to tackle the postcode lottery in services, according to campaigners.

A total of £13.4 million will be spent by the Scottish Government and local authorities over the next four years on a network of co-ordinators to provide advice, information and support, more drop-in centres for people with autism, and a £1m development fund to which local groups and national organisations can apply for grants.

The funding is £3.4m more than originally planned, ministers claimed, and public health minister Michael Matheson said the Government would deliver improvements demanded by individuals and families affected by autism.

He added: “This includes the appointment of local autism co-ordinators who will help ensure people with autism are given the care and support they need in a way which promotes their independence and emotional well-being and respects their dignity.”

The strategy was…………… continues on Herald Scotland
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