Advice For Prospective UK Landlords

Advice For Prospective UK Landlords
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Being a landlord in the United Kingdom (UK) put many people on the fast track to success, or so people would say before 2008 and the ensuring global financial crisis. During this time lending dried up, house prices dropped, and interest in becoming a landlord flagged. Now, though, things are looking up in the market and more people are turning toward letting property as an investment strategy. Experts say it’s not difficult for a rental to yield more income than many other “safe” investments, and definitely outstrips the returns seen from savings and interest. That’s why is offering 10 tips on how to best take advantage of market. For more on this continue reading the following article from Property Wire.

If you want to invest, or just want to know a little more, leading buy to let website: provides ten essential steps to successful buy-to-let investment.

IT seems like only yesterday that buy to let was the most talked about investment on the planet.

You couldn’t switch on the television or pick up a newspaper, without some we…………… continues on NuWire Investor

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Wait and See on Vanguard’s New TIPS Offering
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Vanguard’s new Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) offering is set to launch, but I wouldn’t rush to buy it. The fund should be priced (probably at $ 10 a share) and open for investment as of yesterday, according to papers filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

The Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Index is both a traditional open-end mutual fund (MUTF:VTIPX) and an ETF (NYSE:

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