Advice to a beginner investor

Advice to a beginner investor
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I received an e-mail from a reader in September who has started her financial life on the right path by spending less than she earns but she has reached the point where she has saved money and now needs to know what to do with it. I decided to answer her e-mail with this article as many people are in a similar position and might find my answers to be beneficial. As always, my answers are general in nature so please use the information as a guideline only as everyone’s financial position is different.


Good Day,

I earn reasonably well but I have not invested my money as I am unsure what would be good investments to make.  I keep reading up on the issue but never get around to doing something concrete. I’m female, 35 and single with no kids. I work for government. I have been contributing to the government employees’ pension fund since 2006.  Currently I contribute R2 493 per month. That’s the extent of my investments.

I have no medical aid or other policies (aside from car and household insurance). 

I think you should find out if you have “medical aid”, life assurance and disability cover linked to your employment with government. Usually part of your contribution to your retirement fund (GEPF) is for life assurance and medical insurance……………. continues on

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