Barclays profits up but is it an attractive investment opportunity?

Barclays profits up but is it an attractive investment opportunity?
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Barclays has beaten forecasts with a £4 billion ($ 6.3 billion) profit today, despite being plagued by the rate-rigging scandal. And with boardroom confusion continuing to attract unwelcome headlines, the recently beaten-down share price has attracted buyers. But is it an attractive investment opportunity?

There’s no doubt that Barclays investors are right to want a fresh start. Questions over its strategy and ongoing search for a new chief executive in the wake of the Libor-manipulation scandal are still hanging over the bank. Fierce criticism was sparked following the scandal over the bank’s culture and risk-taking, and now it’s considered that what Barclays does to rebuild its brand and restore shareholders’ confidence is more significant than the results.

So while champagne corks pop across London as it hosts the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the mood in Canary Wharf may be less upbeat as investors wonder what lies ahead for Barclays’ future.

So what does the future hold?

Investors are keen for one or both of the new CEO or chairman to come from outside for a revamp of the way things are managed.

After all, for all his achie…………… continues on MindfulMoney

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Hotel investment strategy shifting in 2012
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BOULDER, Colorado—With half the year in the books, it is safe to say the landscape for U.S. hotel investments has changed to some degree.

As many analysts expected, the pace of acquisitions by real-estate investment trusts slowed through the first half of the year. During 2011, REITs accounted for 35% of hotel deals in the U.S. During the first six months of 2012, REITs acquired only 16% of assets.

Apple Real Estate Investment Trust, Inland American, RLJ Companies and Summit Hotel Properties have been the more active REITs throughout the first half of the year.

Private equity appears to be stepping off the sidelines to fill the void left by REITs. After only accounting for 7% of the deals in 2011, private equity was involved in…………… continues on Hotel News Now

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