Berko: TIPS a more appealing investment than slow-growing Kimberly-Clark

Berko: TIPS a more appealing investment than slow-growing Kimberly-Clark
News from Business First of Columbus:

Malcolm Berko | For Business First

Dear Mr. Berko: I’m 41 and divorced with two children. And thanks to my super dad, I’ve had a great job for 11 years, with excellent benefits and a very good retirement plan. I have an individual retirement account worth $ 109,000, consisting only of stocks you have recommended in the past eight years. I got a good bonus this year and my dad, who retired from Kimberly-Clark, recommends I buy 100 shares of that corporation. What do you think? – B.R.: San Antonio

Dear B.R.: I can’t imagine a more wonderful, fulfilling, loving and caring relationship than one between a …

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Get retirement investing advice—for less
News from MarketWatch:

By Andrea Coombes

If your retirement years are more about work than leisure, you may not be spending as much time as you should monitoring and managing your investments. A growing number of companies are eager to convince you that they can help.

For the most part, these services are aimed at people who have a nest egg, but not enough savings to warrant shelling out for an ongoing relationship with a financial adviser.

Precisely how they help investors varies widely. For example, for a flat fee of about $ 200 a year, Smart401k will look at the investment options in your 401(k) plan, assess your goals, and advise you how best to invest. They’ll also monitor the market and alert you if you should adjust your allocation, plus send periodic rebalancing reminders. When you call for help, you talk to a licensed adviser, and the company promises unbiased advice.

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