Blackrock hires head of alternative investment strategy group for North Asia

Blackrock hires head of alternative investment strategy group for North Asia
News from Pensions & Investments:

Jeong Hoon Lee joined BlackRock (BLK) in Seoul as a director and head of the firm’s alternative investment strategy group for North Asia, confirmed a spokeswoman for the company.

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David Gardner: Avoid a ‘one size fits all’ investment strategy
News from Daily Camera:

How is a pensioner like a startup entrepreneur?

You may think their finances are nothing alike. A monthly retirement pension is the result of years of government service or a dwindling number of big corporations. Executives working for a startup must be nimble, cast their lot in with a small company with a good team and bright prospects, and then through a prolonged burst of hard work and luck reach a big payday.

In Boulder County, our pensioners include many state employees at the University of Colorado, federal workers at the Boulder labs and a select few with a defined benefit pension at IBM. Startups in Boulder? From the burrito mavens at EVOL to the e-mail kings at SendGrid and the next-gen commercial lighting leader at Albeo Technologies, many are working hard on bringing the next Big Idea to the masses.

What do their employees share in common? They are completely misled by formulaic approaches designed to assign an appropriate investment strategy.

You’ve seen the risk tolerance questionnaires passed out at the 401(k) annual review (or perhaps they have an app for that). First enter your age, and then answer questions such as “how comfortable are you investing in the stock market?” and “are you willing to accept more risk for higher returns?” Out pops an allocation recommendation. You may even skip that modest step by…………… continues on Daily Camera

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