Column: Five reasons to create investment strategy

Column: Five reasons to create investment strategy
News from Wausau Daily Herald:

Some people buy investments here and there, now and then. Others open an Individual Retirement Account, put some money in it, and then forget about it. But this type of haphazard investment behavior can lead to haphazard results. On the other hand, you’ve got five good reasons for creating and following a comprehensive, long-term investment strategy.

1: You want to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle

For most people, building resources for retirement is the most powerful reason to invest. As a key part of your investment strategy, you’ll want to consider investments that have growth potential. The proportion of your portfolio devoted to these growth investments should be based on your individual risk tolerance and time horizon. And, as you move much closer to your actual retirement date, you might decide to shift some — but certainly not all — of your portfolio from growth-oriented vehicles to those investments that can provide a reliable income stream and…………… continues on Wausau Daily Herald

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Investors mull Africa investment strategy
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When they are not ignoring Africa altogether, big-hitting institutional investors bemoan the continent’s illiquid small markets, political insecurity and shaky regulations. Or they fret that, despite pretty decent returns, little or nothing would make them touch the continent.

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But as Africa’s economies grow and its nascent middle class starts spending into the trillions of dollars, and with the development of banking, insurance, construction, retail and more, it is time for catch-up. Some, though, simply cannot fathom the best route in, be it through stock markets, private equity or property.

“I don’t think much is missing other than time,” Janusz Heath, MD of Capital Dynamics, a Swiss private equity group with more than $ 20bn under management, told a room of Africa private equity specialists gathered in Nairobi on Tuesday. continues on BusinessLIVE

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Contrarian Investment Strategies in the Next Generation

A Simon & Schuster eBookAll stock-market investors embrace the motto “Buy low, sell high.” Few act accordingly, however, for to do so would require that we go against the crowd, buying stocks that are out of favor and selling Wall Street’s darlings. Powerful psychological forces prevent us from pursuing a contrarian investment strategy, although it consistently beats the market, according to David Dreman, a seasoned money manager and long-time columnist for Forbes magazine. One of the Str

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