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Currencies, Stocks, Real Estate Investment Strategy
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Town Boards Meet to Discuss School Investment Strategy
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The Board of Directors and Board of Education held a joint meeting Monday evening and discussed the long range plan for district education and facility goals. With the specter of recent issues surrounding the aging infrastructure in several schools and the possible closing of Nathan Hale School due to an aging heating system, members of both boards expressed urgency, but failed to reach consensus on the composition of a joint planning committee.

The main source of disagreement concerned whether elected officials should serve on the joint committee or whether it should be composed primarily of experts and stakeholders within the community. Interim Superintendent Richard Kisiel and Town General Manager Scott Shanley offered two suggested rosters for the committee, both including elected officials as well as members of the public.

The proposal for the long term plan for investment in the school system over the next decade and next generation consists of four broad goals forming the overall strategy. The reinvestment committee would look at the demographics and alignment of the schools and grade levels over coming years. It would also look at priority investments and other capital improvements over the long term. The committee would initially develop the strategy for t…………… continues on

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