ETF Investing Offers Many Benefits, Profitable Paths

ETF Investing Offers Many Benefits, Profitable Paths
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Best ETF Trading Strategies:
How To Invest In Exchange Traded Funds Like The Pros

Exchange traded funds are relatively young in terms of stock market history, yet they’ve hit it by storm.

Investment advisers and other Wall Street strategists increasingly run retirement accounts, endowments and pension funds purely with ETFs. In this IBD special report, we share some investment firms’ profitable ETF trading strategies and how you can apply the same tactics.

ETF investors prefer ETFs to mutual funds because of their lower management fees and liquidity, which makes it easier to rebalance a portfolio and cash out fast.

Mutual funds price only once a day and can have redemption fees or other constraints; ETFs can be traded all day like stocks.

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Andor Technology to create 166 jobs as part of £18m investment strategy
News from Irish Times:

The Irish Times – Saturday, November 26, 2011


ANDOR TECHNOLOGY plans to create 166 jobs as part of an £18 million (€21 million) investment that will underpin an ambitious five-year growth strategy to target new markets and acquisitions.

The Northern Ireland company, which develops and manufactures high-performance scientific digital cameras, also aims to more than double its turnover as part of the strategy.

Andor has been offered financial assistance totalling £1.5 million towards the cost of the investment project from Invest Northern Ireland and…………… continues on Irish Times

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