Fed Policy, European Crisis, Investment Strategy

Fed Policy, European Crisis, Investment Strategy
News from Washington Post:

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The Fallback Investment Strategy Your Retirement Needs
News from Daily Reckoning – Australian Edition:

Retirement was something you were supposed to have sorted out by now. Superannuation was something that was going to help you do it. And the age you tell your boss, or your employees, ‘I quit’ was something you were supposed to have your eye on.

That has all gone now. The world’s retirement plans are in a mess. And if you think Australia might escape, you’re wrong. 2008 was the amuse-bouche – it was the bite-sized taste of what’s to come to wet your fear. The main course lasts much longer.

The old ideas for answering the difficult questions of retirement are about to be proven as downright dangerous. They already have been in Japan, the US and Europe. People there are having to return to work, downsize big time and the Japanese elderly are even turning to cri…………… continues on Daily Reckoning – Australian Edition

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