Financial advisers share investment views, tips

Financial advisers share investment views, tips
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By Aileen Garcia-Yap
Cebu Daily News

Major financial institutions opened yesterday the Money Summit and Wealth Expo at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino in an effort to educate Cebuanos about financial wellness.

Businessmen and financial advisors like Islands Group of Companies chairman Jay Aldeguer, Philam Life chief executive officer Rex Mendoza and BPI Asset Management and Trust Group vice president Mario Miranda will share their views about investment during the two-day summit, which is organized by the Bank of Philippine Islands.

Mendoza said that the summit was done to help Filipinos prosper through financial literacy and wellness.

“There are two levels that we do it. One is to make our products relevant to specific group of people and second through the network of agents and financial advisors who touch base with our customers on a one-on-one session,” said Mendoza.

Ma. Theresa Javier, BPI senior vice president and head of the Asset Management and Trust, said only 20 percent of Filipinos have bank accounts and only two percent of the bank’s customer base have investments, leaving a larg…………… continues on

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