Finding Advice for More Modest Retirement Investments

Finding Advice for More Modest Retirement Investments
News from New York Times:

If you’re perfectly capable of running your own retirement savings, selecting the right mix of low-cost investments, rebalancing at the right time and not buying and selling out of fear or greed, then good for you.

But the majority of people — maybe the vast majority — are not like that. They may be smart enough to do the right thing, in theory, but they forget or slip up or are taken in by well-meaning friends bearing stock tips or annuity-peddling scoundrels who make nice to them over free steak dinners.

For people with more than $ 500,000 or so to invest, finding first-class help is hard but not impossible. If you have more than $ 1 million, you’ll have your choice of many of the best

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