Five Investment Tips for the Ages

Five Investment Tips for the Ages
News from International Business Times:

To be sure, it’s not a U.S. stock market for rookies, or the squeamish — it’s a market that also can bring out “the reactive” in even the most experienced investor.

However, “reacting” rarely results in an improvement in investment returns, hence with the above as a preface, here are five time-tested axioms that every investor would be wise to keep in mind.

1 If you don’t have at least a 2-year investment horizon, you shouldn’t be invested in stocks. This is common sense, but it’s astounding how many investors don’t abide by this axiom.

In the stock market, 12 months is a short time, and a promising company could fall out of favor with institutional investors for any number of reasons. If that occurs, and your investment horizon is short, you could incur a huge capital loss with a company/stock that over a longer time frame would probably register an impressive capit…………… continues on International Business Times

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