For Energy Stocks, Look North of the 48th Parallel

For Energy Stocks, Look North of the 48th Parallel
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Never Tell Anyone What You Do For a Living

For Energy Stocks, Look North of the 48th Parallel

Oil Sands are the Future

I’m often asked at my son’s ballgames, “Hey Lou, do you have any hot investment tips?” or “Are the gas prices at the pump high enough for you?” My reply is on cue and standard: “I reserve my investment ideas for paying clients at Cabot, and I hedge higher gasoline prices by investing in sound energy companies.”  After that, I find a quiet corner to watch the game.

But seriously, sound investment ideas in any sector are hard to come by, and require diligence and pain-staking research. In the energy sector, we’re currently faced with a macro dilemma: In the immediate term, crude oil energy supplies are adequate due to energy demand that has been comatose since 2011. However, in the long term, demand will outstrip supply, sending crude prices off to the races.

So don’t rush out to buy that Hummer just yet.

How can we be short oil in the long-term? Well, let’s look at the seven major global oil producers, the western multinationals like ExxonMobil, Chevron, Total, BP, Shell, ENI and Conoco. I track their oil production by quarter. In the first quarter of 2009, they produced roughly 1.1 million barrels of oil, in the first quarter of 2012, it dropped to just…………… continues on Cabot Wealth Advisory

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MIDAS SHARE TIPS: Fast-growing insurance claims firm Quindell Portfolio can …
News from This is Money:

By Joanne Hart


Motor insurance costs have been rising fast over the past few years and most of us know why. Personal injury claims have been soaring. Whiplash claims alone cost more than £2 billion last year, adding almost £100 to the cost of a typical policy.

Overall, personal injury claims cost the insurance industry about £3.5 billion a year and claims have been rising so fast that the Government is introducing legislation designed to cut the number of fraudulent claims and bring down premiums.

The changes could make life difficult for some of Britain’s less scrupulous ambulance-chasers. But one company, Quindell Portfolio, should benefit and its shares should rise too.

Connected: Quindell’s package of businesses make it an attractive partner for large insurance groups

Lawyers currently pay insurers about £1,000 a time for referring injury claims to them.

The average claim yields about £10,000, so there is plenty of cash for th…………… continues on This is Money

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