Global authorities on emerging market investment gather at ‘Cityscape Next Move’

Global authorities on emerging market investment gather at ‘Cityscape Next Move’
News from AME Info:

Dr Pippa Malmgren, President and Founder of Principalis Asset Management in London and previous Deputy Head of Global Strategy at UBS, will open the event with a keynote address on managing political, social and economic risk in emerging and frontier markets.

A globally recognized authority on investment strategies, Dr Pippa will provide insight into past economic trends and patterns in post-revolutionary countries, to understand what trajectory Egypt’s recovery will take and what long-term impact the Revolution will have on the Egyptian financial markets. At this critical point in the Republic’s recovery, this vital insight will provide regional and international investors with the critical information needed to develop long-term investment strategies in the region.

Over the two days, the Egypt Real Estate Summit will provide delegates with a 360 degree analysis of the Republic’s financial and real estate markets, including the economic outlook, Government priorities, upcoming projects and major opportunities. The Chairman of the General Authority for Investment (GAFI), Osama Saleh, will outline the Authority’s policies to increase investment security in the Republic, stimulate inbound investment and also create new opportunities for regional and international investors.

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Jersey investment strategy ‘creates about 900 jobs’
News from BBC News:

Jersey Enterprise is to be renamed as Locate Jersey

A strategy aimed at attracting businesses to Jersey has created about 900 jobs since 2008, according to the economic development minister.

Jersey Enterprise has helped a number of firms move to the island including mining, oil and gas companies.

Senator Alan Maclean said he wanted to attract more high-tech and online gambling firms.

He said it was now important skills and training were built up to the right standard for these businesses.

The minister said: “We don’t accept just anybody, the whole aim of the strategy is to go for low footprint high value.

“We don’t want lots of people, we are an island, what we do want is individuals who will contribute a significant amount in terms of tax take.

“High tech, oil and gas, headquarters setting up in the island without many people but that generate a lot of activity locally.”

Local jobs

Nearly all the jobs created so far are for locals and two Jersey geology students have been taken on by a mining company based in St Helier.

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