Hot Tips and Income Investments for 2013

Hot Tips and Income Investments for 2013
News from Oakshire Financial:

Last call, friends.  Last call…

Another sip of the Maker’s Mark and away we go.

But first, a quick reminder.  Next week we’ll be evaluating our market predictions (and yours) for year end, 2012.  Remember to check in with us after you come to.

What are you trying to prove?

We start with this bit of advice for all who partake of the trading game.

We have a friend who has a rather large portfolio that consists almost exclusively of physical silver and mining stocks.  And that’s fine, if you can sleep with it.  But this fellow can’t.  He happened to purchase his entire hoard – and most of the miners – when silver was above $ 40, rising parabolically on outrageous volume, and many believed the party would never end.

That was nineteen months ago, and my friend has since watched a portfolio of over $ 2 million wind its way down toward $ 1 million.

Now, most of us might be willing to shed a crocodile tear or two for the chap – “Poor bastard, lost a million and only has a million left…wahhh…” – but we see a genuine tragedy in the affair.

Everyone makes mistakes on his investment journey.  Our friend’s problem, howeve…………… continues on Oakshire Financial

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