How to earn more income through investments: tips for today’s market

How to earn more income through investments: tips for today’s market
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Learn how financial advisors can help you earn more income in today’s market.

By Scott Kyle, Chief Investment Officer at Coastwise Capital Group

In today’s economy, many investors may be wondering how to earn more income through investments – and no wonder. With ten year Treasuries yielding a paltry 1.9% and bank savings rates hovering close to 0%, where is an investor to turn to generate significant income in this historically low interest rate environment?

At Coastwise, we specialize in generating income through the purchase of high quality dividend paying stocks combined with the conservative use of options. Some advantages of this “covered call” approach include the following:

  • Dividends have provided 50% or more of the stock market’s returns over the last century; thus high quality dividend stocks represent a vital part of a core stock portfolio.
  • In buying dividend paying stocks, you can have predictable cash flows at timely intervals independent of capital (stock) prices.
  • Dividend income tends to rise faster than inflation.
  • Dividend income is tax advantaged.
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Prosecutor at NY trial: Goldman board member gave inside tips to hedge fund friend
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NEW YORK — The insider trading trial of a former board member for Goldman Sachs and Procter & Gamble is set to begin Monday in New York with jury selection.

Rajat Gupta (rahj-AHT’ GOOP’-tah) has asserted his innocence against charges he shared secret board tips with a billionaire hedge fund founder who was his friend. The 63-year-old Westport, Conn., resident faces conspiracy and securities fraud charges that carry a potential for more than 100 years in prison. The hedge fund founder he is accused of helping is serving 11 years in prison, the longest sentence ever given someone convicted of insider trading.

Prosecutors say they’ll take two weeks to present their evidence. The judge says the trial will not last more than a month. Opening statements were expected to occur as early as Monday afternoon.

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