HTC to Book Fresh $40 Million Investment Loss; Analysts Tips More Deal Reviews

HTC to Book Fresh $ 40 Million Investment Loss; Analysts Tips More Deal Reviews
News from Fox Business:

HTC Corp. (2498.TW) on Monday disclosed it expects to book an investment loss of US$ 40 million, casting doubt on the Taiwanese smartphone maker’s more than US$ 700 million buying spree over the past two years and raising speculation that more writedowns are likely to follow.

In less than a month, HTC has disclosed an estimated loss of nearly US$ 45 million on two investments and analysts expect Chief Financial Officer Chang Chia-lin, an ex-Goldman Sachs banker who joined HTC in April, to continue to review other acquisitions.

HTC said in a statement it expects to book an investment loss of US$ 40 million on its stake in U.S.-based on-demand games company Onlive Inc., which is running out of cash.

Onlive hasn’t managed to raise new funds to meet its operational needs and applied for asset restructuring over the weekend, HTC said. The investment loss equals the amount HTC paid for the stake back in February 2011. HTC hasn’t disclosed its stake size in Onlive.

News of the loss dragged down HTC shares in Taipei 3.8% to 240.50 New Taiwan dollars (US$ 8.01), while the benchmark Taiex was down 0.4%.

The loss on Onlive follows a US$ 4.8 million charge HTC announced in late July, when it decided to sell back half of the 50.1% stake it held in headphone maker Beats Electronics LLC, less than a year after making the investment.

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Should You Listen to Investment Advice? Part IV
News from ValueWalk:

My last point on investment advice is to think long-term and treat it as a business.  You are trying to buy underpriced cash flow streams.

Because it is a business, you must focus on the long term, and downplay short cycle information.  Don’t let the media scare you or make you greedy.  There are bumps and jolts in all investing.  Keep your eyes on the long term.  Always ask yourself when reading news, “What is the long-term effect on profitability?”  Often good companies have bad quarters or years.  The same is true of bad companies having good years.  Look at the long-term profitability, and downplay the short-term noise.

By short-term noise, I largely mean the media.  That includes the web, and those that tout stocks on a short-run basis. There are several problems here:

1) Media investment advice (and that from Wall Street as well) is biased toward buying.  Articles will give you a list of stocks to buy either generally, or in a given industry.  The biggest problem is that they won’t generally follow up on their recommendations, nor will they tell you what the time horizon is for the recommendation, or what catalyst should lead you to sell.

2) You will not see many articles offering a list of stocks to sell.  There are several re…………… continues on ValueWalk

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