Investing in Hedge Funds with ETFs

Investing in Hedge Funds with ETFs
News from Investing Daily:

According to the limited publicly available information on hedge fund performance, 2011 has been a less-than-stellar year for the industry. The Barclay Hedge Fund Index–which is maintained by a private company not affiliated with Barclays Bank–shows that hedge funds have returned just 2.3 percent this year and have significantly underperformed the broad market over the past three years.

Macro-strategy funds, in particular, have struggled amid a steady stream of political and economic crises that have erupted even in relatively stable parts of the world. This unpredictable turmoil has prompted a number of hedge fund managers, including the great George Soros, to exit the business.

Hedge funds that employ a quantitative investment strategy have also lagged. Many investors assume that these funds’ “black box” strategies would succeed in any market. But these strategies work best when the market exhibits well-defined trends, of which there has been precious little during…………… continues on Investing Daily
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Lottery scheme appears to cause trouble for area outlets
News from GazetteNET:

SUNDERLAND – Members of a Michigan-based investment group have been using a lucrative strategy for one of the state’s lottery games, which may have led to the suspension of two local businesses’ agency licenses.

Gerald and Marjorie Selbee, both 73, of Evart, Mich., recently purchased a combined $ 617,000 worth of tickets for Cash WinFall over a three- or four-day period in mid-July at Jerry’s Place in South Deerfield and Billy’s Beer and Wine in Sunderland.

Jerry’s Place in South Deerfield had its ticket-selling privileges suspended, but owners declined to comment on the situation.

The purchases were made on behalf of GS Investment Strategies LLC as a calculated-risk investment, Gerald Selbee said Sunday.

Selbee said the corporation also invests in things like real estate and other more traditional ventures.

He said that in 2004, a member of the corporation who was originally from Massachusetts …………… continues on GazetteNET
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