INVESTING TIPS: How to be a (more) successful investor and tell us your money …

INVESTING TIPS: How to be a (more) successful investor and tell us your money …
News from This is Money:

By Simon Lambert


Clock is ticking: With the Isa deadline fast approaching for this tax year, on 5 April, investors are being encouraged to get moving.

The clamour to get people investing hits fever pitch every year as the clock ticks on the Isa deadline.

Investors, whether new to the game or old-hands, are bombarded with tips on everything from the best platforms for investing their Isas on, to favoured funds and shares to pick.

But before investing it can often be a wise move though to take a step back from the information overload and go back to basics.

After all, a carefully considered investment has a much better chance of success.

To help you do that, This is Money has spoken to a handful of industry experts to get their views on the tips they would give an investor and things they wish they’d known when they started out.

Whether you are a new or experienced investor, there will be something here for you to think about a…………… continues on This is Money

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SEC:Broker used AA friend for insider trading tips
News from The Associated Press:

SEC:Broker used AA friend for insider trading tips

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal regulators on Tuesday charged a Philadelphia investment broker and four others with illegally profiting on insider information that the broker learned from a friend he met at Alcoholics Anonymous.

The group allegedly made $ 1.8 million from the insider trading scheme, which stretched as far away as Hong Kong.

The Securities and Exchange Commission said Timothy J. McGee, a financial adviser at Ameriprise Financial Services, bought up shares of Philadelphia Consolidated Holding Corp. after learning the insurance company was about to be acquired. A Philadelphia Consolidated executive, whom McGee had known for a decade through AA, had confided that he was facing pressure at work related to the impending merger.

The SEC said the pair had grown close, trained for triathlons together, and McGee had assured the executive many times that he would keep any information they discussed confidential. The SEC said McGee instead bought up shares of the insurer and tipped off an Ameriprise colleague, Michael W. Zirinsky.

Zirinsky purchased shares worth hundreds of thousands of dollars through his own trading account, as well as those of his wife, sister, mother and grandmother, and hi…………… continues on The Associated Press

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