INVESTMENT EXTRA FUND TIPS: The ‘dog’ funds vs the best of breed star …

INVESTMENT EXTRA FUND TIPS: The ‘dog’ funds vs the best of breed star …
News from This is Money:

By Dan Hyde


For most of us, investing is more of a marathon than a sprint. The hunt for decent returns is likely to last several decades rather than a matter of months.

And darting after racy stocks can ravage a portfolio quicker than you can say Usain Bolt.

It only takes one or two poor choices to put you and your finances right at the back of the pack. Trying to second-guess  the market can also leave you stranded in the starting blocks.

Say you invested £1,000 in a mixture of FTSE-listed companies 15 years ago. If you missed the market’s best 30 days by trying – and failing – to dip in and out on its fortunes, you’d now be nursing a £500 loss.

In contrast, anyone who kept their nerve and held on throughout is sitting on £2,000, figures from investment manager Fidelity show.

The simple secret to good investing is playing the long game.

But that’s no excuse to bury your head in the sand.

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