INVESTMENT EXTRA: Hugh Young’s top ten share tips to boost your portfolio

INVESTMENT EXTRA: Hugh Young’s top ten share tips to boost your portfolio
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Hugh Young, star fund manager at Aberdeen Asset Management, has developed ten golden rules for investing in shares over more than 25 years in the markets.

Tips: Hugh Young, star fund manager at Aberdeen Asset Management

1) Ask who controls the company, and do you trust them to treat minority shareholders fairly?

Minority shareholders are just one of many stakeholder groups and as such need to know they will be treated properly by whoever controls the company, whether that be a government, founding family or an individual.

2) Remember companies are about people not assets

Rolls-Royce is a great example of a company that always had good technology and operated in a growth market, but for years failed to live up to its full potential. It took an outstanding CEO in the shape of Sir John Rose to recognise its strengths, to develop a business model and execute a long-term strategic plan to turn the promise into profits. 

3) Balance sheet strength is critical

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Top tips on how to diversify your portfolio with art
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The art season is about to kick off in Dubai, but what kind of financial returns are in store for art enthusiasts who also want to diversify their investment portfolio? There is great potential for a thriving art culture in the UAE and people are viewing art more as an investment than for appreciation. But with so much risk involved through a lack of knowledge, damage and unpredictable price movements, Rupert Connor, from Acuma Independent Financial Advisers, says the best returns are seen only at the very top levels of the market. However, he adds there is always the opportunity for discerning art lovers and investors alike to dabble in art investment.

1 Look out for local artists with universal appeal

A good starting point for a novice investor is to explore local artists. It’s worth bearing in mind that work with a universal appeal is more likely to stand the test of time and prove to be a good investment. At the same time, local artists have a unique take on life in the region. Given the current political strife and turmoil that has happened over the years in the Middle East, these artists’ life experiences can result in creating some powerful and relevant works of art.

2 Explore tangible opportunities to invest in art

There are many opportunities in emerging markets. Art fairs and dedicated auctions offer many the chance to learn about,…………… continues on The National

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