Investment Strategies to Reduce Your Tax Burden

Investment Strategies to Reduce Your Tax Burden
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It may be Washington’s birthday today but you can still be looking to give yourself a little present that will save you Benjamin’s one analyst has a fund picking strategy.

That could put more returns into your pocket and out of the hands of Uncle Sam.

We want to bring in Kara — — Morningstar who’s.

Us now live from Chicago to talk about the names of the funds that help you do just that does this goes carrot to the very heart of let’s not less experienced investors but investors who say 01 — good fund.

They don’t even realize that their profits that there returns are getting sucked up by all kinds of taxes correct.

That’s exactly right a lot of investors don’t pay attention to tax adjusted returns and if you’re investing outside of attacks — attacks tax advantaged account.

Like an IRA or — 401K you really do need to pay attention to what’s happening to.

The taxes that you’re paying on distributions from these funds now let’s talk about how you spot first the holes the money holes — get money pits but where the leaks are happening.

Do you look at certain funds and and their tax rates is it very obvious.

Sure so there’s actually out of a group of tax advantage mutual funds so they say it right in the name tax advanta…………… continues on Fox Business

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Phil Power: Snyder tries to sell long-term investment strategy to Michigan
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Phil Power is the founder and chairman of The Center for Michigan

 Give a man a fish, and you feed him a day; show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Gov. Rick Snyder unveiled his proposed state budget for the next two years last Thursday. If there is a core idea in his $ 50.9 billion budget message, it’s the distinction between investments (teaching people how to fish) and expenditures (giving people a fish).

It’s not for nothing that the name on the title page of the budget proposal was “Rick Snyder, CPA.” The governor is, indeed, a Certified Public Accountant, whose thinking reflects both his professional credential, as well as his background as a businessman and venture capitalist.

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 A core idea of capitalist economics is the difference between investin…………… continues on

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