Job inquires follow Mad Money

Job inquires follow Mad Money
News from Bismarck Tribune:

The Mad Money aftershock is still rumbling through western North Dakota after the popular money-making, investment-tips television program originated from the Bakken oil field near Killdeer last week.

Hits to the Commerce Department’s website were still running a daily double Wednesday, a week after the excitable show host Jim Cramer filmed from a Continental Resources eco-pad site and talked up the state’s booming economy in the oil zone.

“North Dakota is kicking the rest of the country’s butt,” he said on air, just before interviewing Gov. Jack Dalrymple. “The United States has a new frontier, the oil fields of North Dakota.”

“If I go on air and say right now, I found a place for hard working people, can you handle it?” Cramer asked the governor.

Turns out people tuned in.

Tracy Finneman, marketing manager for the Commerce Department, said hits to the department’s website were still running 150 more than the usual 300 to 400 Wednesday, days after…………… continues on Bismarck Tribune
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Tips for keeping your trees growing
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If you’re hoping to add value to your home, you may want to start outside.

Angie Hicks, of consumer group Angie’s List, says  “The trees around your home are an investment and need proper care. Well-cared-for trees can add up to 15 percent of value to your home because they increase the curb appeal.”

The hot, dry, summer was hard on trees, though.

Angie’s List can help you spot the symptoms of a problem:

· Symptoms of heat stress: Symptoms include leaves with scorched edges; dead, wilted leaves, and premature leave drop causing a thinner canopy.
· How much water? The amount of water your tree requires is determined by a number of factors including the tree species, the age of the tree, climate, and soil conditions. It’s also important not to over water. Talk to a certified arborist about how much water your tree requires.
· Maintain your trees: Proper tree care including mulching, pest management and pruning can help trees damaged by drought.
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