Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your Area

Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your Area
News from Search Engine Watch:

Any business of any size can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). Geo-specific optimization in particular can make a small investment go a long way, as well as ensuring more relevant people click through to your pages.

For example, “plumber in London” or “offices in Oxford” will be less competitive than simply “plumber” or “office hire.” If you provide services to a specific area, then read on for my 10 top tips.

1. Get Involved in Your (Online) Community

If there are local websites and forums, then it’s a great idea to get your business participating on them.

This continues to bring home to Google the relevance of your business to a specific area, especially if you’re able to include links to your website (be very careful not to spam social communities, though).

2. Make Your Mark on Google Places

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Mexico Real Estate Tips – Is Land in Puerto Vallarta a Good Investment
News from Stock Markets Review:

When buying Mexico real estate for the first time, it’s often difficult to tell if the property type and area we are choosing is really worth buying or not. While this points to the importance of choosing the right agent to work with, it also points to the importance of gaining information, tips and insights from experts ahead of making a real estate choice. One of the most interesting real estate types is Mexico land for sale. Here we will give some tips for the Puerto Vallarta real estate area and land.

To start off, Puerto Vallarta land continues to be an attractive and viable purchase and investment. When you consider your choice of a lot in Puerto Vallarta, consider the following points:

Views – One of the most attractive and central features of the market in Puerto Vallarta is that of views. Buyers pay more for views of the bay, views of the mountains and views of the old town. For this reason, when you buy a piece of land, it’s important to cons…………… continues on Stock Markets Review
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