‘Long-term investment strategy of insurance funds in offing’

‘Long-term investment strategy of insurance funds in offing’
News from Firstpost:

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Finance Ministry sources told CNBC TV-18 that strategy on long-term investment of insurance funds is in the offing.

The sources said that Finance Minister P Chidambaram will meet insurance companies on September 1, CNBC TV-18 reported.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram.

The hinted that the government is keen on the use of insurance funds to revive cap market…………… continues on Firstpost

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Apple vs Samsung
News from The Patent proxy war – MindfulMoney:

Whilst Apple’s $ 1bn court victory over Samsung will have its lawyers cheering, old rivals Microsoft, RIM and Nokia may benefit from the fallout. For Apple, the victory is a double-edged sword. 

“Apple smashes Samsung in $ 1bn grudge match.” – that’s the sports-style headline on Apple’s victory over Samsung in a California court patent dispute.

But while the champagne corks are popping at Apple – and more particularly its lawyers – those at the top of what is now the world’s biggest company by stock market valuation should remember that this is not a game. It’s far more complex and the victory they wished for (and paid heavily for in legal fees) could turn out to be pyrrhic. For the decision has led many to demand a change in patent laws, calling into question the whole “intellectual property” business which can give copyright and other protection to common phrases and features such as curved edges.

In the complex world of patent litigation, it could have been – like those South Korean table tennis players at the Olympics – that this was a match which was better for South Korean Samsung to lose.

Unintended consequences

This Reuters report  details Apple’s victor…………… continues on The Patent proxy war – MindfulMoney

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