Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer solicits budget tips on Facebook

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer solicits budget tips on Facebook
News from Louisville Courier-Journal:

Two-hundred forty-three comments. Thirty-five “likes.” Four “shares.”

Those were the numbers related to Facebook posts Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer made last week, asking citizens for their ideas about how to balance a budget with a projected $ 42 million deficit over the next 18 months.

The comments were registered within about 24 hours of the posts going up Thursday. Fischer said he was surprised by the volume of responses.

“This shows the power of social media,” Fischer said. “It’s all very helpful.”

Some responses were more helpful than others.

Many focused on general themes: reduce garbage and recycling collections to twice a month; end the police take-home car program; eliminate discretionary money going to the Louisville Metro Council; cut funding to the city’s chamber of commerce; merge fire and ambulance services; and reduce the amount of overtime worked by city employees.

Others were more fanciful.

Adam Cooper, whose Facebook page says he holds “strong interest in nuclear science and political science,” wrote that the city needs a new draw.

“We should build some version of our own Gateway Arch to bring in tourism,” Cooper wrote, referring to the iconic landmark in St. Louis.

Less than an hour later, Cooper added in a second idea which, if enacted, could detour the tourism trade: “The n…………… continues on Louisville Courier-Journal

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Tips for finding a financial adviser
News from Orlando Sentinel:

Tips for finding a financial adviser

•Look for someone with a financial-planner certification or investment-adviser registration; both operate under the “best interests of the client” rule and are not supposed to make sales pitches for financial products.

•CFPs located near you can be found at http://www.plannersearch.org (Financial Planning Association); fee-only advisors can be found at http://www.napfa.org (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors). Also check http://www.garrettplanning.com (Garrett Financial Pla…………… continues on Orlando Sentinel

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