MIDAS SHARE TIPS: From beating pirates to directing ships, investors should …

MIDAS SHARE TIPS: From beating pirates to directing ships, investors should …
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By Joanne Hart


All aboard: Demand is set to soar for SRT’s systems which help stop ships colliding in crowded waters

Shares in Software Radio Technology have halved in value in the past year – hardly an auspicious performance. However, the current price of 20.5p substantially undervalues the company and the stock should take off over the coming months.

A small business based in Midsomer Norton, Somerset, SRT has pioneered a way to stop ships colliding with each other, reduce piracy, curb illegal immigration and ensure fishing fleets are behaving themselves.

The technology, a little like air traffic control for boats, has been taken up around the world and users include the European fishing fleet, the Indian government and the US coastguard.

SRT’s equipment does not show simply that something is bobbing on the water – it can reveal the ship’s name, its size, where it is going and what or who it is carrying.

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Investment Management Company Helps Retirement Plans Get into Shape
News from WIFR:

ROCKFORD (WIFR) — A Rockford investment management company is teaching us how to get our wallets in shape.

Savant hosted their first ever Financial Fitness Workshop today at NIU’s Rockford location. The investment management group gave tips on what to do when it comes to planning for our retirement. The group says we need to teach children how to save for college. Bankers say educating them can be as simple as starting to use a piggy bank.

Mul Downey, Chairman, Savant, says, “The biggest part about accumulation is to feed the piggy bank. Youngsters, children, can see that take place. They understand accumulation that will turn into the thing that will help them move through college because they understand you don’t fill the piggy bank without sacrifice.”

If you missed out on the workshop, Savant hopes to hold more workshops annually.

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