Momentum Trading Strategies Part V: Hot Hands ETFs Breakout Gains For November

Momentum Trading Strategies Part V: Hot Hands ETFs Breakout Gains For November
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This article is the fifth in a series summarizing and updating an ETF momentum trading strategy called “Hot Hands” by Courtney Smith. Courtney is not the blonde screen actress but a trader, author, money manager, educator, and trading advocate. He is the only person in history to have a high ranked mutual fund, stock picking newsletter, futures newsletter, and hedge fund. Courtney is the author of seven books and has appeared on over 1000 TV shows and spoken at hundreds of events.

Hot Hands aims to select and invest in the strongest performing ETFs and is traded monthly. Momentum traders seek to enter the market at the start of large market moves to the upside (or downside). The Hot Hands trading method is accomplished in three steps.

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Is stock-pick investing a good strategy?
News from Jamaica Gleaner:

Question: I am interested in investing and would like to ask what you think about stock-pick investing and if it is a worthwhile strategy.

– Raymond

PFA: Investing in stocks is one effective way of increasing wealth over the long-term. There are several strategies for selecting good stocks to increase wealth and for avoiding stocks that may be a drag on an investment portfolio. But there is no foolproof method of picking stocks to guarantee success.

There are several factors which influence the success of an investment programme and, in particular, the success of a stock portfolio. Among these is the financial health of the companies whose stocks are bought as reflected in their profitability, cash flow and balance sheet. Economic conditions and government policy bear heavily on the behaviour of financial markets and investment portfolios. Quali-tative considerations such as the…………… continues on Jamaica Gleaner

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