Money advice from your future self

Money advice from your future self
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

It’s worth investing in property and stocks to fund your retirement, and if things turn gloomy financially.

With the benefit of hindsight, Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon has a few tips for her younger self.

Dear younger, better-looking, more cash-strapped version of me,

This is your future self writing, martian-tini in hand, from Branson’s new space resort. You see, it might not seem possible today but you get your financial act together. And yes, you rocket past your retirement dreams.

But I remember well how stressed you felt in 2012, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up on how you ultimately prevail.

Cash doesn’t cut it

Sure, things got pretty scary on asset markets after 2008’s mortgage-induced meltdown. I painfully recall the trauma of watching shares deflate, undulate and then stagnate.

But growth – a more subdued version – does resume.

However, that’s not really the point. The point is that you need to hold some growth assets – stocks and property – to fund your retirement.

Sitting in cash might feel less nerve-racking, but of the 6 per cent you can now earn, half is eaten up by inflation and almost the other…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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Virgin Australia tips $ 8m into Skywest
News from Sydney Morning Herald:

Virgin Australia will invest $ 8 million in regional carrier Skywest Airlines to help expand their existing partnership.

The deal equates to Virgin taking a 10 per cent stake in Skywest, which already operates regional aircraft with Virgin and plans to use the investment to expand their services.

Virgin Australia shares were down 0.5 cents, or 1.2 cents, at 41.5 cents.

“This investment highlights the confidence that Virgin Australia has in the Skywest business and our ability to tap into future growth opportunities in the Australian regional market,” Skywest executive chairman Jeff Chatfield said in a statement on Tuesday.

Virgin said it believed the deal would allow it to capitalise on opportunities in regional Australia by expanding the partnership between the two airlines.

“We have grown our regional operations significantly since launching our regional network with Skywest in October 2011, with the commencement of new services to Emerald, Gladstone and Port Macquarie,” Virgin Australia’s chief financial officer Sankar Narayan said in a statement.

“These services have be…………… continues on Sydney Morning Herald

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