R1m investment strategy

R1m investment strategy
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EACH week we ask an expert to allocate a hypothetical lump sum of R1m. Investment ideas range from the stock market and stamps to art and wine.

Vincent Hays, director of Seed Investment Consultants, shares his thoughts:

When investing any amount of money, you have to approach it in three steps. Firstly, what is your long-term investment strategy: what is your required return, how much are you prepared to lose over a one-year period and what is your investment horizon?

Next, what are the current valuations of the asset classes: how expensive are equities, bonds, cash etc? Thirdly, we need to make the relevant investments in shares, unit trusts, and so on to get to the desired position.

Step 1:

Say for example you want a return of inflation plus 4% per year and you are prepared to lose 5% to 10% over a one-year period if the market drops significantly, but intend to invest in the portfolio for at least three years to ensure that there is enough …………… continues on Fin24
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David Rosenberg’s 7 Investment Strategies for Recession
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David Rosenberg

With a flurry of economic headwinds threatening to blow the US back into recession, investors should focus their portfolios on income-generating stocks and precious metals that have plenty of room to run.

So goes the latest advice from the economically bearish economist David Rosenberg, who sees recession just a few basis points away on the Chicago Fed’s National Activity Index and little on the horizon to offer hope.

As such he offers up seven investment strategies to clients looking to protect themselves from what lies ahead:

1) Focus…………… continues on CNBC.com
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