Rotational Real Estate Investment Strategy In Raleigh Revealed By Reilly: Key …

Rotational Real Estate Investment Strategy In Raleigh Revealed By Reilly: Key …
News from The Wall Street Transcript:

September 2, 2011 – The Wall Street Transcript has just published REITs Report offering a timely review of the Real Estate sector. This Special Report contains expert industry commentary through in-depth interviews with public company CEOs, Equity Analysts and Money Managers. Please find an excerpt below.

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David J. Reilly is President and CEO of Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers LLC. He is responsible for all facets of Cornerstone’s operations, including chairing the investment committee. His career in real estate spans more than 30 years, with extensive experience in asset and portfolio management, acquisitions and dispositions, a…………… continues on The Wall Street Transcript
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Three growth funds at American Century are closed to new investors
News from Kansas City Star:

With nearly $ 14 billion to manage, American Century’s Growth Fund and two related funds have closed to new investors.

The decision, which took effect Thursday, allows current investors in the funds to add to their accounts and reinvest the funds’ distributions. No new accounts will be available.

American Century said closing the funds allows their managers to “stay true” to the investment strategy the funds use in selecting stocks of large companies with growth characteristics. The other funds closed are American Century Focused Growth and American Century VP Growth.

Other funds that pursue a growth strategy, albeit somewhat differently, remain available to new investors, including Ultra and Select.

| Mark Davis,

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