Save, invest and enjoy yourself

Save, invest and enjoy yourself
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By Alyssa Oursler

We’ve all seen them. Heck, I’ve even written about them: Simple steps to get started in the market; math problems about the money you should be saving and the returns you could be missing; tips and tricks about diversification and dividends.

All that information is well and good.

But recently, I’ve come across some other refreshing pieces of advice hidden in various corners of the financial blogosphere and found them compelling, especially for young investors. These aren’t steps to success or rules for retirement, but some big-picture pieces of wisdom that often get lost in the details:

No. 1: Risk is everywhere

Carl Richards wrote in The New York Times, “When you make a decision to avoid one type of risk, you might be exposing yourself to another one.” This isn’t just true when it comes to picking stocks or sectors to invest in, but for the idea of investing as a whole.

Countless recent grads

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