Scotland to announce 2013 investment strategy

Scotland to announce 2013 investment strategy
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Monday, February 04, 2013

A new release of the Scottish Infrastructure Investment Plan is expected to be outlined today. The plan will set out all major capital spending projects, including health, transport and infrastructure projects.

The previous version of the infrastructure invest plan detailed projects totalling £12. 8 billion, with the total expected to rise.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, told the BBC: “we’ll look at a range of programmes which are longer-term, which there is less certainty about because of the timescales involved, but it is nevertheless important to give detail of what our intentions and our ambitions are so that industry can be prepared.”

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Old Mutual’s multiple strategies for finding mispriced shares pay off
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Greg da Silva

Faried Boltman, head: investment administration at Old Mutual Unit Trusts, received the Raging Bull Award on behalf of the Old Mutual Global Equity Fund.


Raging Bull Award for the Best Foreign (South African-domiciled) Equity Fund – the top-performing fund on straight performance in the foreign equity general sub-category over three years to the end of December 2012

A fund that follows investment themes to capture the mispricing of shares around the world earned its investors the best returns among all the foreign equity general funds over the past three years.

The Old Mutual Global Equity Fund was the top-performing fund over three years to the end of December 2012, with a return of 14.78 percent a year in rands, according to ProfileData. The benchmark for the foreign equity general sub-category, the Morgan Stanley Capital World Index (MSCI), returned 9.57 percent a year over the same period.

The fund is managed from London by Ian Heslop, head of quantitative strategies for Old Mutual Asset Managers (Omam) in the United Kingdom.

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