Sell These “Safe” Investments Before They Crash

Sell These “Safe” Investments Before They Crash
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I keep track of indicators that often signal warnings before market crashes. In reviewing the current market, there are a number of sectors that seem to be in danger of a collapse. But most worrisome is that two sectors that are considered ultra-safe look set to crash.

It seems like after the strong year-to-date gains we’ve seen in the stock market, there should now be some high-risk stocks set up to fall. That is what usually happens after strong moves up. Instead, I was surprised to find a number of so-called safe-havens on the “crash-watch” list, and very few tech stocks or other high-fliers. This seems like the kind of thing we’d see right before the stock market takes off as it does to form a bubble top. While we might be able to get gains out of the stock market in general, there are two sectors that look as if they are breaking down and could hurt traders who allocate part of their portfolio to these investments.
The first sector is a traditional conservative investment: municipal bonds. Mutual fund investors have been flooding the municipal bond market with cash. Bloomberg reported that buyers have outnumbered sellers of muni bond funds for 18 straight weeks, i…………… continues on StreetAuthority

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