St. Joe Revs Up New Investment Strategy, Slashes Cap-EX

St. Joe Revs Up New Investment Strategy, Slashes Cap-EX
News from Citybizlist Real Estate:

Posted January 27, 2012

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WATERSOUND, Fla. – The St. Joe Co. has disclosed a new real estate investment strategy, calling for $ 190 million of savings in previously planned cap-ex and evaluations of properties and future investments. Bulk sales could be forthcoming.

Park Brady, appointed CEO last October, said the strategy meets board directives that were laid out late last year aimed at maximizing risk-adjusted returns. The $ 190 million of future cap-ex reductions were earmarked for existing projects and budgeted over a 10-year period.

The cap-ex reductions will impact infrastructure, amenities, master-planned community development and repositioning of certain assets. “As part of this repositioning, the company expects properties may be sold in bulk, in undeveloped parcels, or at lower…………… continues on Citybizlist Real Estate

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Investment Strategy 2012
News from Is the upturn sustainable? – The FINANCIAL:

The FINANCIAL — Since the start of 2012, markets have remained in a fairly buoyant mood, marked in particular by an upward move in risky assets and a positive trend for certain intra-EMU spreads, according to BNP Paribas .


The cause of this more favourable trend is probably a shift in the market’s attention from the eurozone crisis  to other more promising subjects. These include the signs of resilience of the US economy, which in recent months confirmed that it was still positive, and the Chinese economy (the leading indicators and the latest GDP figure likewise point to a soft landing), and the easing of financial conditions in Europe due to the refinancing operations carried out by the ECB.

These factors are positive, but are not extremely surprising and are in line with our expectations. US growth has not proved higher than what the consensus of economists was already expecting a few months ago, Chinese growth is still settling in to a cruising speed that is l…………… continues on Is the upturn sustainable? – The FINANCIAL

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