Sunday newspaper share tips: EKF Diagnostics, Noble Investments, Facebook …

Sunday newspaper share tips: EKF Diagnostics, Noble Investments, Facebook …
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Every Sunday we round up the newspaper share tips.This week EKF Diagnostics, Noble Investments, Facebook & Compass Group

Sunday tips: We round up the Sunday newspaper share tips

Financial Mail on Sunday – Midas

Companies that can help diagnose, monitor or treat diabetes are growing rapidly, too, including EKF Diagnostics.

The Cardiff-based company has developed products to monitor not just diabetes but also malnutrition and even fitness. Customers include Premier League winners Manchester City, along with Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Chairman David Evans and chief executive Julian Baines have a proven record of delivering value to investors, having worked together at BBI, a healthcare firm that joined the Alternative Investment Market in 2004 at 47p a share and was sold to US group Alere at 185p less than four years later. Evans was also on the board of Axis-Shield,…………… continues on This is Money

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10 Tips On Buying Your Football Training Kit
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Viggo Mortensen carries his love for San Lorenzo close to his heart

A football jersey means many things to many people.  This is why when one buys one, it is not just something you make way for on a budget or throw a credit  card at.  Buying a jersey is investing on your emotions. Here are some tips that will make that “investment” a wise one in the long term.

1. Be Comfortable

There are several tips that a person can use when they are purchasing a football training kit. The football training kit is going to need to fit the person properly. Therefore, you are going to want it to be not too baggy or tight on the person. It is very important to know the size you need before you buy it.

2. The Right Kit

Make sure that you get the right kit that is going to fit you correctly. Most of the time, the football team is going to have three different football kits that people can choose from. Therefore, people actually have a choice about their football training kit.

3. Your lov…………… continues on Simply Futbol .com

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