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Ten investment tips for 2013

Ten investment tips for 2013News from FE Trustnet: Don’t bank on a recovery in the West Over the last year forecasts for global growth in 2013 have been stable at a little over 3 per cent on a purchasing power basis, and a little under 2.5 per cent on actual currencies. This is similar to […]

Gold Investment Strategies for 2013

Gold Investment Strategies for 2013News from NuWire Investor: All the goldbugs are calling for the end of days this year. Obama this, taxes that. Fiscal cliff. Etc. “You need some good gold investment strategies for 2013,” the experts tell us. Should you hold on to that solid dividend stock or should you cash it out […]

Tips for investing in 2013

Tips for investing in 2013News from iAfrica.com: Accepting that consistently high returns are probably in the past is the most important investment tip for 2013, according to Marius Fenwick, Chief Operating Officer for Mazars Financial Services. “Don’t expect the returns we’ve seen, especially not from the same asset classes. And if you want higher returns, […]

Where to Invest 2013

Where to Invest 2013News from Fixed Income – About – News & Issues: Where are the best places to invest for fixed income in 2013? The same themes and questions in 2012 still remain in 2013: Will the economy finally stabilize or will it tip back toward recession? What will inflation do? When will interest […]

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