The Motley Fool: Every Sunday, useful tips on investing

The Motley Fool: Every Sunday, useful tips on investing
News from The Seattle Times:

Ask The FoolWhen to skip insurance

Q: Is life insurance really something everyone needs?

A: Nope. Those with no children, no house and no debt might consider skipping it — for now.

Think of insurance as protection against a financial loss, not as an investment. (There are, after all, more effective ways to invest.)

If a partner or children are depending on your income, then buying life insurance makes sense.

But if you don’t need to protect any income stream, consider parking your money elsewhere.

Vacays are A-OK

Dear Fool: I was just starting to invest on my own when I got a piece in the mail about a new shoe stock and fell in feet first clear up to my neck.

I would have done all right, had I not gone on vacation with no way to follow my positions or trade.

While I was away, the stock went from just over $ 2 per share down to $ 0.25, never to recover again.

I’ve learned to always be aware of my positions and to make sure I can buy or sell instantly. I still lose some here and there, as everyone does, but that’s part of investing.

The Fool responds: It is indeed smart to keep on top of your holdings, and common to lose money now and then. But yikes — you were dealing with a penny stock.

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