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Tips and Techniques for Real Estate Investment –
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Tips and Techniques for Real Estate Investment
Date: Saturday, July 28, 2012

Whether a first time homeowner or seasoned investor this free, no pressure, seminar will provide information on investing in today’s real estate market. Key topics will include mortgage availability and techniques for making investing a good and profitable life time experience. Speakers will bring a better understanding to the myths and facts on investing. Now is the time. The market place is showing improvement and homes are moving.

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Investment Advice from Warren Buffett
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July 19, 2012 /

Since an early age, Warren Buffet has been involved in finance in its various forms and has been established as a foremost advisor with a proven success philosophy. During the course of time, this remarkable man has offered much advice and financial learning, relating to tips for investing.

The foundation of his philosophy has been that cash can open many doors to opportunities. To prove this, he has always retained immediately available cash, for unprecedented losses, or quickly seized acquisitions or investment opportunities. This could be related to guidance from his grandfather, contained in a letter to him in 1939.

An example of the wisdom of this and a tip for investing is that any one with available cash to invest at the start of the financial crisis could buy low and could have sold high with substantial financial gains. Alternatively, if assets had been tied by investments, then the result would have been significant losses.

A further tip for investing is directly related to our stock market and investing system is that stocks should be avoided if everybody is buying them, as they are probably over valued. Seek stocks that are neglected, check their fundamentals and if viable, invest.

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