Tips For Choosing The Best ETFs For Sectors

Tips For Choosing The Best ETFs For Sectors
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Exchange traded funds were designed to help investors by lowering fees, allowing intraday trading, and by providing instant diversification in one investment. The business has since evolved into a trillion dollar industry that has sliced and diced the stock market in every way imaginable.

Sector investing with ETFs is one of the most convenient, and simple ways to gain exposure to an entire slice of the stock market. For example, an investor that wants exposure to the technology sector can do so with a one-stop transaction, while gaining exposure to multiple tech-related companies in one fund. An ETF also cuts the risk factor down, so that all bets are not placed with one company or stock. Furthermore, sector investing should simplify…………… continues on Seeking Alpha

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10 Surprising Facts About Treasuries You Probably Didn’t Know
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They’re low-risk, liquid investments that, upon purchase, do Uncle Sam a favor…

What are these mystery tools, and what surprises do they hold?

They’re Treasury securities, or Treasuries, as they’re commonly called. Treasuries comprise four types of securities — Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, Treasury notes and TIPS, which stands for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. But there’s more to them than just the advantage of helping out the government. They can be viable investing tools that add value to your portfolio.

The U.S. Treasury created Treasuries in 1790 as a debt-financing tool for the United States. (In 1790, the national debt, incurred during the Revolutionary War, was $ 54 million, or about $ 4.1 trillion in today’s dollars.) They are sold at auction weekly (quarterly for 30-year Treasury bonds) and, despite worldwide financial turmoil, remain a solid investment.

“Despite last year’s (U.S. credit-rating) downgrade, U.S. Treasuries are the safest credit anywhere in the world,” said Larry Hill, senior portfolio manager at Bernstein Global Wealth Management…………… continues on StreetAuthority

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