Tips For Investing In Emerging Markets From The US

Tips For Investing In Emerging Markets From The US
News from Investor’s Business Daily:

In many foreign markets with bulging economies, it can be hard for individual U.S. investors to trade. You may need to set up an overseas brokerage account. And you may face restrictions on returning profits to the U.S.

Successfully investing overseas requires decisions in three areas: investment vehicle, the extent of diversification and an outlook on the markets where you will invest.

Investment vehicle. American depositary receipts of foreign companies are widely seen as one the safest ways to invest abroad. They’re issued by U.S. banks on behalf of the companies, which must meet stringent U.S. rules. And don’t overlook U.S.-based multinationals. IBM (IBM), Qualcomm (QCOM) and Caterpillar (CAT) get much of their revenue from overseas.

But often gains are more promising in foreign companies’ home markets. For many individual investors, open-end mutual funds and ETFs are the main ways to play growin…………… continues on Investor’s Business Daily

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£40 or £200 an hour… what’s the right price for financial advice?
News from This is Money:

By Dan Hyde


How much is top-notch financial advice worth?

From next year, all independent financial advisers (IFAs) will charge up-front fees for their services, rather than siphon off their payments using commission.

Many of This is Money’s super-savvy readers will not care a jot because they are already happily making their own informed financial decisions.

But for others, there is concern that a typical £200 an hour cost will put off those in need of high quality advice.

Because he’s worth it: Most people think financial advice is over-priced and would rather pay £50 than the typical £200 an hour – what do you think is fair?

That figure can range as high as £400; enough to make your eyes water and many are expected to baulk.

In fact, people think the tips and money management provided by IFAs is worth just a fraction of that price.

In one survey of 1,000 people by CoreData Research, the typical price they’d be prepare…………… continues on This is Money

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