Top Tips for Trading CFDs in the Asian Marketplace

Top Tips for Trading CFDs in the Asian Marketplace
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Unlike other forms of traditional dealing, CFD trading enables traders to go short, allowing you to profit from a falling market, as well as go long in a rising market. 

In addition, traders can potentially enhance their return on investment using a CFD (Contract for Differences) as it is a leveraged product, thus allowing you to maximise your market exposure for only a small fraction of the investment you would typically need to trade the underlying asset directly.

However, it is imperative traders remember that higher leverage can result in losses that could exceed their initial deposit.

With this risk in mind, the following tips will help – in particular – new traders, who are looking to trade CFDs on over 9,000 securities in global markets with City Index Asia.

Understand Your Market

With an extensive range of markets to choose from, it is imperative that you choose a market you understand and have a broad knowledge of.

In the long run, this knowledge will help you take a clearer view on the direction of possible price movements within your cho…………… continues on Bradenton Herald

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Newton tips Australia for growth
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Newton Investment Management’s Jason Pidcock, is anticipating attractive investment opportunities in Australia, despite its reliance upon China for growth.

Pidcock, who manages the Newton Asia Income Fund, says while he has longer term structural concerns over the health of the Chinese economy, he believes that the Australian dollar is an asset-backed currency, and with the country boasting more resource wealth than its relatively small population can ever consume, for many decades it will be a net exporter. “Indeed, there is even the potential for the country’s significant liquefied natural gas reserves to take it into budget surplus.”

Pidcock further backs up his optimism for Australia’s prospects by adding that while interest rates are relatively low, his company still believes that they have a long way to go before they get to zero.

“Plus the demographics are supportive. The rate of population growth is also encouraging and migrants to Australia tend to be skilled workers, therefore they are immediately productive. In terms of the corporate world, most of Australia’s industries are oligopolies, so margins are relatively high. The country’s small population means it doesn’t attract multinationals and if they do move in to Australia they find it difficult to compete against the local incumbents. From an income perspective…………… continues on

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