Where to Invest 2013

Where to Invest 2013
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Where are the best places to invest for fixed income in 2013? The same themes and questions in 2012 still remain in 2013: Will the economy finally stabilize or will it tip back toward recession? What will inflation do? When will interest rates go up? What is the impact of “the fiscal cliff?”

We’ll begin by taking a look at various strategies, then we’ll review the basic types of fixed income investments and finish by covering alternative scenarios depending upon your fixed income needs.

Best Bond Funds For Rising Interest Rates

The best way to invest in bond funds during rising interest rates is to either focus on short-term and intermediate-term bond funds or to diversify with various types of bond funds for diversification. By using bond funds with shorter average maturities, you can minimize the negative effect of falling prices. In theory, the longer the maturity, the more prices or the

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Tips For Teaching Financial Skills To Kids Of All Ages
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/PRNewswire/ —¬†According to a recent BMO Harris Bank national survey conducted by Ipsos America, Inc., a leading market research company, nine out of ten (89 percent) U.S. parents think that they are an important resource for their children to learn basic money management. Unfortunately, less than four of ten (36 percent) parents talk to their kids about money management on a regular weekly basis.

Now that children have settled into another school year, BMO Harris Bank suggests that it is an opportune time for parents to start teaching their kids about the basics of investing and saving for the future.

“Learning doesn’t stop when the school bell rings at the end of the day,” said BMO Harris Bank Indiana President, Tim Massey. “It’s never too early to introduce kids to the world of finance and that can start in the home. Even very young children can learn basic money skills, while older children can be taught about the stock market and the importance of setting financial goals.”

BMO Harris Bank offers tips for parents on how to teach their children about saving and investing at any age:

The Early Years: The Value of Saving (suggested ages: 5 to 9) As soon as children start to collect a few coins and understand the value of money, open a savings acc…………… continues on Sacramento Bee

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