Where to Turn for Stock Advice

Where to Turn for Stock Advice
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Even the most experienced investors need a little stock advice from time to time, and finding a source to rely on for advice and information about stocks can be more difficult than it sounds. When it comes to your money, it’s never wise to take chances, so knowing what advice to trust and what to ignore is crucial to making smart investments.

Financial advisers
Despite the advancements in modern technology, many investors still prefer to seek advice from financial advisers, who offer investors professional experience and training, according to Mike Binger, senior portfolio manager for Gradient Investments, LLC.

Binger says financial advisers are trained to assess your financial needs and risk profiles, and have experience dealing with individual strategic financial planning needs.

The best way to ensure that a financial adviser is reliable is to check his or her track record and make sure he or she is objective.

“If the source is a successful money manager like Warren Buffet or a well-established mutual fund manager then that is a plus,” says Mark Chaikin, CEO of Chaikin Stock Research and creator of Chaikin Power Tools. “If the source is your brother in law — not so good.”

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